News: Alumni of EIii Gathering 2018

Update July 3, 2018

ooops, WordPress didn’t like Rich Hentzen’s email address. Here tis:

New News

Rich Hentzen, Senior Chair, Idaho Falls Organizing Committee (IFOC), for the Loosely Organized Gathering 2017, has committed to providing his most excellent leadership skills, experience, and expertise to organization of our Alumni of EIii Gathering 2018. We will carry over the Committee name, IFOC.

Rich has scheduled the first Prelim/Planning IFOC meeting for Monday July 9, 2018, at Papa Tom’s Pizza at 1 pm. Let him know if you will be there: Rich

Head count

A rough number for attendance at this time will be helpful, especially for planning purposes. If you have already responded, no need to do it again.

Let’s try to get a rough head count of who’s planning to be there. email me your status as follows:

(1) Yes, I will be there and how many will be in your party;

(2) Planning to be there, depending on my Real Life situation at that time, and how many will be in your party;

(3) Can’t make it.

No areoplane service

Service into Idaho Falls Aeroport will be closed as follows:

Runway 2/20 is required to be hard closed for six (6) days scheduled from 8 AM Wednesday, September 5th through 8 AM Tuesday, September 11th, 2018. No scheduled airlines will operate during this timeframe.

Pre- and post-function functions

If anyone is organizing a pre-function prior to The Gathering, or a post-function following, let us all know (if we are invited). For example, is anyone organizing a Memorial Beer Friday for Friday September 7, 2018?

The blog

Not any action there. Let me know if you have material for a post. I’m still waiting for additional info about the EI Management Drag Queen function from Don ‘Wonder Woman’ Curet. Basically it’s not active. Needs contributions.