Drag Queens amongst EI Management

by Dan Hughes

I don’t recall all the circumstances surrounding this event, or when it happened: I think it was in the late 1970s.

For some reasons that I do not now recall, all employees had gathered in a theater. Maybe it was around Christmas time and the event was a part of our annual Company parties. Maybe it was simply an all-employee meeting to celebrate the massive profits that had been made. I just don’t recall.

What I do recall was that at some point during the meeting several of the male employees appeared on the stage of the theater all dressed as gaudy drag queens. Complete with wigs and dresses and boras and high heels and makeup and, especially, lots of augmentation of their anterior pectoral areas. Drag queens to the max. I think the guys were mostly Higher-Level Management types from the Executive Suites and Corner Offices. They appeared on the stage one-by-one so that we could take in the sight of each individual Queen.

Every soul in the meeting started laughing their butts off. Some might have been actually rolling in the isles with laughter. I know I was among those starting uncontrolled laughter.

What I do remember about the event, and it’s probably the only reason that these memories continue to hang around in my brain, is that Ms Don Curet left the stage, saw me laughing uncontrollably, and decided to sit in my lap. And now Don was laughing his (her) butt off. Maybe other Queens sought others in the audience and did the same thing. I was laughing so hard that tears were in my eyes, plus I couldn’t focus on anything except what was happening to me.

Maybe others can fill in the blanks in my memory about all this. In addition to Don, I vaguely recall that Claire Moser was a Queen.

Wonderful times.


2 thoughts on “Drag Queens amongst EI Management

  1. I think that the chorus line consisted of at least:
    Don Curet
    Claire Moser
    Mark Paulsen
    Don Waddups

    Panty hose, wigs, make up, and cigars.


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